Welcome to our website presenting our apartment seasonal rental activity in Marseille!

Our website exclusively dedicated to present our apartment available for book in Marseille has been put online on March 2, 2017. This flat for 2 to 4 people (5 people if baby) has welcomed many tourists and professionals visiting the city of Marseille since 2014.

Le Stade Vélodrome qui a accueilli la coupe d'Europe de football en 2016
The Stade Velodrome, which hosted the UEFA EURO in 2016

It is a pleasure to welcome people from all over the world to this beautiful apartment: in addition to the francophone tenants we received (French, Belgian and Quebecois), most of whom enjoyed the beach in the spring and summer, we have received people from plenty of nationalities, including English people for the 2016 UEFA EURO and a swimming competition at the “Cercle des nageurs” (Circle of Marseille’s swimmers), Americans visiting France, as well as Russians, Canadians and Indians who came to visit our beautiful seaside town. For this reason, we have translated ourselves all the website from French to English so that Anglophones could also discover Marseille with their family. But we do not discount that the website will be translated in other languages ​​in the future! However, it is because we have made translations ourselves that there must be some grammatical mistakes or vocabulary errors, and we apologize… But feel free to tell them to us, we will correct with pleasure!

We have ensured that this website answer as many questions as possible from the main menu (which you can see above), including:
– What are the apartment characteristics and who is it for?
– Is the apartment available for the dates of your stay?
– Where is the apartment in relation with the places to visit?
– What to visit in Marseille and what transport to use to visit?
– Who to contact to ask questions about the apartment?

A FAQ also answers the questions most frequently asked by our tenants before their booking.

We wish you a good visit on our website, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

And see you soon in Marseille!


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